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Professional Childproofing

When it comes to child proofing your home, there is no reason to try to do it yourself - your child's safety is too important!

Contact Baby Boundaries today and make sure your children are safe.


Baby Boundaries Professional Childproofer



Comprehensive Home Child Safety Evaluation allows an outside observer with experience to see potential safety hazards a homeowner is likely to overlook. 

Lack of expertise to fully evaluate wide range of home child safety hazards.


Product Purchase

High Quality Child Safety Products that have been tested and tried nation-wide by child proofing experts are recommended for the each unique home situation. Products in stock and brought to home at installation time. Ultimately save customer valuable time and money. No need to spend hours researching products, dealing with shipping and storage.

Restricted local retail stores product offering and confusing online array of product.  Need extensive time to research child safety product selection to determine best products for home. Unfamiliarity with new products in the market. Shipping costs, gas cost, loading, unloading and storing required.

Product installation

Professional Child Safety Products Installation.  Equipped with proper tools, experience, and product knowledge to install products properly. Quick and efficient work to ensure safety and aesthetics. Knowledge of special gate mounting systems to provide all available options for homeowner.

Risk of improper installation due to inexperience, poor instructions, lack of tools, missing parts or improper tool usage which may reduce safety level. Risk of damage to expensive furniture as a result of lacking of expertise.

Unique home design situations

Customized solutions are available for unique home situation. Customization of products for size, color and material will be proposed and provided.

No Customization







Customer service



Average Cost

Price per installed product depends on type and number of products ordered.



1-2 days at customer home, depends on the size of the home.

3-7 days including research and shopping time.