We find the dangers before your child does

What Our Customers Say About Us?

"Baby boundaries has completely baby-proofed my home giving me peace of mind when my little one is on the loose. I recommend them to anyone with an infant/baby/toddler who is mobile, they know precautions that we as parents might not ever even think of." ---Kristina W., Westchase, FL

"Thank you for implementing child safety features into our home. We are already seeing the benefits and L. is appreciating a little more freedom (under supervision). Thank you also for your professionalism, courtesy, cleanliness, and care while in our home."---Gianna R., South Tampa, FL

"With all of the changes that come with a new baby, Baby Boundaries one-stop service identifying all potential safety issues and providing resolutions to make our home safe truly made this process convenient and eased our minds that we had taken appropriate steps as parents to protect our child.  We were surprised at how reasonably priced it was to obtain such an invaluable service. Owner Kevin Cohen certainly impressed us with not only his knowledge of how to fully baby-proof our home, but his genuine care for us as clients.  After he had completed our job, he followed up with us to make sure we were comfortable with our new safety products and, weeks later, even alerted us to a recall of a child gate he noticed in our house that we had purchased from a retail company the year before.  We were very fortunate to find someone as trustworthy and honest as Kevin, and we have since recommended Baby Boundaries to all of our friends and family expecting new additions."---Mr. & Mrs. R, Clearwater, FL

"Baby Boundaries was definitely the right choice for our family. Our house has several unique design features including a wide staircase and open second floor railing. Baby Boundaries was able to provide customized solutions to make this area of our home safer. They made custom mounts for the gates at the top and bottom of the stairs and installed customized Plexiglass along the entire second floor railing which eliminated a dangerous climbing hazard and blended in nicely with the decor. Everything looks and works great. Baby Boundaries was reliable, friendly, and did a very professional job. We highly recommend Baby Boundaries to all our friends with infants and toddlers." ---Mr. and Mrs. K, Avila

“Kevin was professional and genuinely concerned for our children's safety.  He made our home as safe as possible without making it difficult to live in.  We truly appreciate his help.” ---Stacie L. Tampa, FL

“My husband and I childproofed our home after the arrival of our first child, but as he gets older he gets wiser.  We also recently added a new addition to the family and figured we should re-look at our initial efforts.  Baby Boundaries was able to inspect our house and then offer additional child-proofing solutions and products we needed to meet our evolving needs.  We appreciate that they offer a product selection beyond what is available at the local baby store.  Also, with our busy schedules juggling jobs and two children it was nice to have someone else take care of everything for us - from inspection to installation.  I feel much more at ease knowing that we had Baby Boundaries come in and make sure we were doing all we could to keep our children safe.” ---Claudia & Ryan K. Tampa