We find the dangers before your child does
Child Proofing Services

Child Safety Home Evaluation

The child safety home evaluation/audit consists of going room by room in the home and identifying the major child safety concerns that need to be addressed. Sometimes the solution will be to install the right child safety product and sometimes the recommendation is removal of the safety concern from the child’s environment until the child is of appropriate age to avoid the danger. The child safety evaluation is the first step of the professional child proofing process and usually takes an hour to complete.  

Child Product Safety Recommendation

Baby Boundaries recommends only the highest quality child safety products. Most people are unaware that most home child safety products are not required to meet even minimum safety standards. Local retail stores offer a limited variety of child safety products that are often not the best available solution for your home. The Internet has hundreds of online sellers of child safety products that offer such a wide selection of products that it is difficult to know exactly what to purchase. Baby Boundaries uses its experience and knowledge to recommend to you the right product for a given situation. We take care of ordering, shipping and customizing the products to your unique home situation and bring the products with us to your home to be installed.

Professional Installation Services

Baby Boundaries specializes in the installation of child safety products. That is all that we do. We are equipped with all the proper tools, knowledge and experience of having installed the products successfully many times before. To properly childproof a home, Baby Boundaries spends, on average, a day and a half (or up to 3 days in a very large home) to install all the child safety products in a way that will not only be safe but also aesthetically pleasant. We take pride in our detailed work and it is important that our customers are happy with the end result.

Post Installation Customer Service and Guarantee

Baby Boundaries guarantees to repair or replace (at no additional charge) any malfunctioning product we provide for a period of sixty (60) days from the date of installation or purchase (except in cases of damage due to acts of nature or misuse of the product). If adjustments or repairs are needed after the warranty period, we will be happy to come and help for a minimum fee of $50.00 for labor and materials. In addition we keep in touch with our customers and send periodic newsletters with child safety information. We are also committed to provide our customers with immediate updates about product recalls to ensure the safety of our little customers.