We find the dangers before your child does

Terms and Conditions

Baby Boundaries LLC (BB) met with you to identify some of the potential risks to your baby in your home. BB does not identify every hazard or danger in your home. It is the intent of this evaluation to be a joint effort between parents/caregivers and BB. The evaluation was conducted to help you make your home a safer place for your child. Safety products, including products listed on your Worksheet(s) have been designed by the manufacturers to be deterrents to help decrease the risk of injury. While these products can assist in protecting children from harm, these products will not prevent all injuries and cannot take the place of responsible adult supervision. BB cannot be held responsible for injuries to children in your home. BB strongly recommends that parents ALWAYS SUPERVISE THEIR CHILDREN.

Please note that BB does not identify products in your home that have been recalled. It is the parents’ responsibility to check for recalled products and BB strongly recommends that you regularly check with the U.S. Consumer Products Safety Commission (1-800-638-2772 or www. Cpsc.gov or www.recalls.gov) Your home and all safety products used in your home should be inspected frequently to confirm that no unsafe condition has developed. No home is 100% safe or hazard-free and there are no safety products to address every hazard. Parents are warned that adult supervision cannot be replaced by babyproofing and they should not rely solely on babyproofing to protect their child. BB recommends that parents and caregivers take CPR/First Aid courses to help prevent and treat injuries.

Children grow and develop at different rates. Because children may learn how to overcome safety devices at any time (no product is childproof), BB strongly recommends that parents ALWAYS SUPERVISE THEIR CHILD and teach their children about safety. Assessing existing and new risks is an ongoing process for parents. Children’s interest may change and they learn quickly by watching you. Use gates only with a child who is unable to climb, dislodge or open gates. Always make sure latching mechanisms for gates are engaged. Please carefully review the manufacturer’s safety instructions for your gates and BB’s “Gate Safety Info” (provided after installation of gates).

Due to differences in how furniture and homes are constructed, we cannot completely assess the stability of your furniture (even if anchored). Since we cannot completely assess the quality of your furniture and walls or predict how children may climb, we recommend that you always supervise children around furniture even if anchored. BB cannot always guarantee that a child won’t be able to tip furniture even if anchored, therefore, we recommend that you always use caution around televisions and furniture even if anchored. Please teach children to never climb on furniture.
BB is not responsible for risks which were not uncovered or not discussed during the evaluation; information which was not shared by the client with BB; a client’s decision not to follow a BB recommendation; changes which may be made to installed products after installation by BB; any condition caused by or contributed to by negligence of client, visitors or others.

BB makes no express warranties and does not warrant the products as to merchantability or fitness for purpose. Warranties are as provided by the product manufacturers. Please contact us if you have any concerns or questions.

Installation of some safety products may alter your home’s original condition. By signing the Worksheet, you agree to these alterations and agree that BB cannot be held responsible for any such alteration or subsequent repair upon removal of these products. Worksheet prices are based on BB installations. If you purchase just products, certain conditions may apply (minimum quantities, shipping/delivery charges.) Installation costs may increase slightly due to difficult circumstances (problems with studs, painted outlets, etc.) Some parents choose to babyproof in stages. Prices are subject to change for products not initially ordered/installed or surcharges may apply for small orders. A non-refundable deposit may be required for products that are special ordered for your home.

The Federal Trade Commission requires that BB provide you with cancellation for product purchases (installed products are exempt). You have three (3) business days from the date you purchase merchandise to cancel your order. To cancel, please call Baby Boundaries, LLC or provide a copy of this Worksheet in writing to BB with the word cancelled written across its face within three (3) days from the purchase date. If you elect to cancel the order, aside from returning any products (in substantially as good a condition as when received), you will have no further obligation to BB.

In the event full payment is not made within 30 days after invoicing, a finance charge will be added to the unpaid balance. If a finance charge appears on your statement, it was computed by a periodic rate of 1 1/2 % per month, which is an annual percentage rate of 18% added to the previous balance, except that a minimum late charge of $1.50 may be imposed. Purchaser agrees that in the event the unpaid balance is referred to an attorney for collection that in addition to all sums otherwise due, the purchaser shall pay any and all court costs, collection fees and attorney’s fee. BB shall be permitted to report any non-payment due after 60 days to credit reporting agencies.